Current Issues of Research on Nationality Policy and Nationality Relations in Slovakia in the 20th and the 21st Centuries

Štefan Šutaj, Nikola Regináčová, Lucia Heldáková (eds.)


1 Tendencies in the Development of Ethnic Relations in Slovakia – Nationality policy as a subject of scientific research
- Trends in the Research of Nationality Relations and Nationality Policy in Slovakia
- Reflexion on the State and Development of Ethnic Relations in Slovakia: On the Possibilities of Empirical Research
- Ethnic Relations and their Presentation in Selected Political Journals in Slovakia
- Demographic Model of Roma Population in Slovakia according to the 2011 Population Census Results

2 Slovaks and Hungarians abroad
- Sociolinguistic Aspects of the Study of Slovak Minority Abroad (Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania)
- Representations of National Identity of Slovak Minority in Hungary in the Second Half of the 20th Century
- National Policy of Hungarian Governments (based on selected aspects)

3 The juridical aspects of national minorities status
- The Issue of National Minorities and Ethnic Groups in the Case Law of the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic after Slovakia’s Accession to the European Union (2004-2016)
- Current Problems of Research on the Legal Status of Minorities in the Czech Republic
- Slovaks, Slovak National Minority and Slovak Language in Selected Localities in the Czech Republic

4 Historical aspects of national minorities status
- The Status of Jewish population in the Czech Lands during the 20th Century and the Beginning of the 21st Century
- Issues of (post-war) Jewish Question in Slovakia between 1945 and 1953